Clients Sound Off

It’s one thing to toot your own horn, but we prefer to let our clients do the talking. We’ve got a few client testimonials here on our site, but the bulk of them are over Rob’s Zillow profile page.

On Zillow you can read in-depth reviews tied to the individual homes that particular client bought or sold. There are a lot of great reviews on Zillow. It’s sometimes hard to put all the stuff we do into words, but this review from Lisa and Rick manages to do just that.

We’ve bought and sold multiple homes in multiple states and Rob is the epitome of ‘best in class’. Rob made it look effortless that we won out in Seattle’s extremely difficult ‘bidding war’ market; not only did we win out, but his astute suggestions saved us money even in a market like Seattle’s. Rob is cool-headed and calm and exudes a real passion for his work, in fact, you get the sense that he doesn’t perceive real estate as ‘work’. He is diligent, creative, and fantastic at communicating but what I prized above all is his honesty and low-key demeanor that makes for a stress-free experience. Tack on that he is an engineer by training and it all begins to make sense: there is no ‘sales pitch’ in him, he studies each house with an attention to detail that you just have to experience for yourself, and he is put simply, logical. Now put into the mix that he is just a super likable guy and as humble as he is likable and you’ve got that rare mix that I predict will have you saying ‘Rob was the best thing that happened to us!’ regardless of whether you on the listing or buying side of a home. It’s what was told to us when a happy customer recommended Rob to us and we completely and utterly agree.


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