Bushwick Custom Video Tours of 2226 and 2230 Harvard Ave E

This great looking home on 2226 Harvard Ave E came on the market last week and we had someone who wanted us to do a video tour for them. So we grabbed our gear and headed out to check out both 2226 and the neighboring home, 2230 Harvard Ave E.

The agent for 2226 smartly allowed for blogging of his listing, so we’re able to share our custom video tour with you here. The agent for 2230 does not allow us to publicly share the video, so if you’re interested in seeing that tour, please contact us directly.

Quick facts on 2226 Harvard Ave E: 3 bedrooms, 1 half bath, 2 giant three-quarter baths, 3,060sf, built in 1988, but totally remodeled. Amazing views of Lake Union, downtown and beyond.

If you’re burned out touring homes and want your free time back, we can help! Just let us know what homes you’re interested in and we’ll preview them so you don’t have to.

Call/text 206-295-7760 or email rob@bushwick.com to get started.

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