Westlake Floating Home Tours

Today we visited all the floating homes for sale on Westlake. There were 3 units:

  • 2466 Westlake Ave N #7
  • The Sugar Shack at 1800 Westlake Ave N
  • 2420 Westlake Ave N #12

We started with 2466 Westlake Ave N #7, a 2 bed, 1-bath custom built floating home that featured a green house, a work shop, bright second floor office space and several decks.

Then we headed down to The Sugar Shack at 1800 Westlake Ave N which is a 200sf house boat, not a floating home. It was amazing how much they fit into 200sf.

Finally, we were the first people to tour a brand new listing at 2420 Westlake Ave N #12. This custom build 2 bed, 1.75 bath, 1656sf floating home was built in 2010 and is jaw-dropping gorgeous.

Here’s an intro video of each home, contact us for the full video tour of each home.

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  1. Linda Bagley says:

    If you’re interested in a Seattle houseboat, check out this recent listing… “Permanent Wave” — 2 bedrooms, 55′ length x 15′ beam, 750 sq.ft. interior living space — $435,000.


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