Put A Bow On It

After wrapping B&K’s house like a giant present, we received a lot of questions about how we did it. So here’s a quick summary of what went into the project.

We thought it would be fun to take the Lexus holiday meme to the next level, so we turned to Amazon to find the necessary materials. While they had car bows, they were not only too small, but also sold out.

We decided to get crafty and make our own bow. We ordered some 12″ wide red ribbon to make the bow and some 8″ wide red ribbon to wrap around the house.

For the bow, we thought we’d be able to tie a big knot, but once we laid our hands on the ribbon, we realized that wouldn’t work. We decided to attempt to make a DIY pull bow. We used this video for some guidance and then scaled it up to 12″ wide ribbon.

First we folded it up into four foot sections:

Then we added the string for the pull bow:

Then we had a really nice, but limp bow:

On site we had to reinforce the bow with bailing wire to get it to hold it’s shape, but it came out great!

We made the gift tag out of a custom vinyl banner that we mounted on a box to give it some rigidity and dimension.

But “how did you get it up there?” has been a really common question, it involved a ladder, stapler, tape, string and lots of creativity. Here’s a shot of the the limp bow after I got it tied to the column.

Happy Holidays from Bushwick!

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And a quick update, we also wrapped S&C’s new Mountlake Terrace house the next day. They don’t close until the day after Christmas, but the home was vacant, so we took the opportunity to put a bow on it too.

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